[2015] hanavy71: Horror Movie Report

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[2015] hanavy71: Horror Movie Report


The story A Monster Calls is an intriguing story and told in third person. A boy named Conor O’Malley suffers in his own reality and doesn't want to face the truth. He seems to only have one dream that wakes him up in the middle of most nights in fright and terror. One night a creature created from a yew tree in his backyard formed into a monster. This monster told him that he would tell Conor three stories and in return he wants a fourth one from Connor. This fourth story had to be the truth, his truth, his nightmare.

My favorite character is Conor O'Malley, the main character, for many reasons. Conor goes through so much pain and suffer yet he seems to want to be punished when done something wrong, people just don't see the point in it and deny punishment to him. Conor, to me, seems like a flat character. His only emotions/personality traits are being frightened and secretive about his feelings. He's only a kid so he doesn't have a job or many hobbies either. He's mainly isolated and afraid of the truth.

The setting of this book isn't specific other than being in England. The character in the book describes his surrounding as a smaller town. His original home is closer to his school since it was said in the book that he walks there. He lives near a church and a cemetery which is also the only thing stated about his surroundings. The date is never told, and neither are the types of clothing worn or music listened to, so I can't make any assumptions on the time period.


I would give my book a rating of 4 stars. The reason why it wouldn't be a total of 5 stars to me is because in one of the incidents it doesn't thoroughly explain what had happened as well as it would have needed to for certain readers who might not understand it. Other than that, I loved everything about this book. It has suspense, excitement, and it keeps you guessing. Yes it's sad, but not to the point where it can ruin the book. For these reasons, I would rate this book a 4 out of a 5 stars.

The Monster Calls

Book Review

Favorite Character

👈🏻This is the second visit from the monster.

This is the first visit from the monster👉🏻

👆🏻This is when Conor was living at his grandmas and the monster appeared in the house.

This is the front cover picture of the book.👆🏻

This is when the monster came to tell Connor his last story.👆🏻

By: Patrick Ness


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