Horror Advertising Campaign-Sinister

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Horror Advertising Campaign-Sinister

Horror AdvertisingCampaign-Sinister

Twitter:As seen on the trailer the official 'hashtag' for the movie wasSINISTER. And so, we can find tghis plastered all over social media. We can see around the time of both the Sinister 1 and 2's release there were huge hypes aroubd ideas or concepts behind the movie. Some from twitter are highlighted in the images to the left hand side. This makes the movie seem all the more realistic and s if Bughuul/ Mr Boogie is actualy real and will be returing for the release of the movie.

Bughuul is always watching:There is a really clever theme that is kep within all the posters for the movie, this is the image of Bughuul watching us. This links to the concept in the movie that 'once you see him, nothing can save you'. A quote that is posted over the whole advertising campaign. The fact that they kept the poster design fairly similar to the first creates a feeling of nostalgia as we can relate it to how we first felt watching the first movie.

Facebook:The Facebook link is shown at the end of the trailers to add more exposure to the advertising campaign. The Facebook page holds a number of images and quotes from the film to keep excitement high about the film and to ensure that it is not forgotten. The link for the Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/SinisterMovie/


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