Hormonal Methods

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Hormonal Methods


Birthcontrol pill

daily pill that controls hormones that change the way the body works to prevent pregnancy. It is 99.9% effective if tooken correctly.Costs 0-50$ a monthShould be perscribed by a doctor to get the right dose for youCan be bought by anyone who goes to see and talk to their doctor about the matterdoes not protect against STDs

A shot in the arm that prevents pregnancy Costs 0-100$ per injection & lasts for 3 months. Very easy to get with a prescription 1 out of 100 women will get pregnant if they use as directed but it does not prevent against sexual infections so always be sure your partner is wearing something such as a condom


contraceptive patch

A small patch that will stick to your skin to prevent pregnancy also easy to get with a prescription and costs about 0-80$ a month. The patch releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. The patch does not prevent STD's so your partner will want to wear a condom

vaginal contra. ring

A small ring you put in your vagina once a month for 3 weeks and costs about 0-80$ release hormones and control how different parts of our bodies work 1 out of 100 women get pregnant each if used correctly if you use this method also use a condom because does not protect against STDs

emergency contraceptive

Birth control that can prevent pregnancy after sex which people sometimes call "the morning after pill" They are available at health centers and drug stores and cost about 30-65$ prevents pregnancy up to 5 days they work by keeping the womens egg from releasing longer than usual to prevent the pregnancy but does not protect against STDs so you may want to get checked out for that as well


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