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Horace Mann

Horace Mann was self-taught, and wa 20 years old when he was admitted to the sophomore class at Brown Universtity. He was interested in politics, education, and social reform.

Horacer Mann's words


Hometown: Franklin, Massachusetts1796–1859

Horace Mann


As a boy, Horace Mann never had a formal education. He only educated himself in the local library or by books.Mann supported many refoms including the establishment of state senate hospitals for the insane, the restriction of slavery, and educational improvements.

Interesting Facts

Horace Mann developed teacher training schools and earliest attempts to professionalize teaching.

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Specific Issue

Horace Mann developed main principles regarding public education and it's troubles. (1)Citizens cannot maintain both ignorance and freedom; (2) This education should be paid for, controlled, and maintained by the public; (3) This education should be provided in schools that embrace children from varying backgrounds; (4) This education must be nonsectarian; (5) This education must be taught using tenets of a free society; and (6) This education must be provided by well-trained, professional teachers.


"Without undervaluing any other human agency, it may be safely affirmed that the Common School...may become the most effective and benignant of all forces of civilization.""A republican form of government, without intelligence in the people, must be, on a vast scale, what a mad-house, without superintendent or keepers, would be on a small one."

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