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Horace Mann

Horace Mann made education better for students.Mann became a state supervisor and soke out in need for public school's. Most citizens responded to Mann's message. They voted to pay more taxes to build better schools, to pay teachers higher salaries, and establish special training for teachers.Thanks to Mann, alot of schools and college's even allowed women to attend school for education.

Early 1800's-Mann attended school.1820's-New York sets up public schools.1850-States in North and West used Mann's ideas.1837-Ohio's Oberlin College became the first college to admit women as well as men.1860's-States started public universites;most accepted female students.

Horace Mann accomplishments many things in order to improve education. He had people to build more schools, get teachers better salaries, and even have women in general to finally attend school.

After Mann's work, public schools today are free to attend for any race.

I got my Information/Sources from the "History Alive" book. I also got some sources from Google.

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