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Horace Mann

In 1796 in Franklin Massachusetts, Horace Mann was born into poverty. He studied at Brown University and practised law, before winning a seat on the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1827. By 1835, Mann had found a place for himself in the Senate, where he saw first-hand how poor the education system currently was. In 1837, the Senate created the first ever Board of Education, with Mann as the secretary. Over the next 6 years, he visited over 1000 schools and completed thorough reports of them. He became an advocate for equal education - unsatisfied with the poor conditions and lack of opportunity for poverish communities. Thus, "the common schools" began. These were standardised schools, with high quality teaching and funded by tax payers dollars. The Common Schools in Massachusetts soon branched out and sparked a change in the education system around America.


- Established the Common Schools that spread throughout America - Began tax-funded education - Established free libraries in school districts - Introduced better textbooks and equipment into the classroom - Almost doubled the wages of teachers - Wrote 12 annual "Common School Journals"


Horace Mann essentially paved the way for the future public education system to grow and develop into what it is today

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.- Horace Mann

Horace Mann and the Common School


Six Principles

- Citizens cannot maintain ignorance and freedom - Education should be paid for by the public - Education should be provided to children of all backgrounds - Education must be nonsectarian- Education must be taught using tenets of a free society - Education must be provided by well-trained, professional teachers

Horace Mann and the Prussian Model


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