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Social Studies
American History

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Horace Mann

-Lengthened the school term and raised teachers salaries in the public schools-Established the Massachusetts Board of Education and served as its secretary-Founded the first "normal" public school, which educated teachers-Worked to end cruel punishments in classrooms-Worked to separate religion from classrooms because public schools were to be run by the state-Accumulated funds to purchase books for libraries and build schools-Encouraged schools to be desegregted-Changed the concept of education by arguing that recieving an education would help bring economic success-Encouraged schools to train students morally-Provided a biweekly education journal for teachers


1. Citizens cannot maintain both ignorance and freedom.2. Education should be publically paid for, controlled, and maintained3. Schools should embrace students from varying backrounds4. Education must be nonsectarian5. Education must be taught by tenets of a free society6. Educations must be provided by well-trained, professional teachers

-Born into poverty on a farm in Franklin, Massachusetts-Self-taught himself in education-Was admitted as a sophomore to Brown Univerity at age 20-Had the opportunity to practice law, but decided to use his skill to bring about educational reform instead.-Served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1827-1833-Served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1848-1853-Became the president of Antioch College in 1853

Educational Philosophy

Mann believed that education could provide liberation for social mobility and that the education of common students was crucial to the success of democracy in America.


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Horace Mann(1796-1859)


Principles of Education

Pedagogy, Policy, and Practice

All students needed to be mandated to attend schools in order for America's democracy to suceed. Public schools should be provided for all students to learn practical knowledge which would enable them to become mroe financially sucessful. Today, all students are required to attend school until they at least reach the secondary education level.

Developed a focus on individual functional learning as opposed to stressing formal cirriculum methods. He stressed the idea that learning should be enjoyable and helped begin the school aquisition of textbooks so that students could learn to self-educate themselves. Textbooks are a foundational part of cirriculum in classrooms today.

Teachers should be trained and highly qualified to teach students to learn and apply concepts as well as care about the moral development of students. Today, teachers are required to get teaching certifications and degrees to teach in public education and are aided to teach to the "whole" student.

"The Common School is the greatest discovery ever made by man." -Horace Mann


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