Hor, Pharaoh of the Gods

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Hor, Pharaoh of the Gods

Hor (better known by his Greek name, Horus) was the god of the Pharaohs, the sun and the king of the gods. Hor was usually shown as either a falcon or a falcon headed man wearing the double crown of upper and lower Egypt. His main cult center was at the Temple of Edfu but he was also worshipped through tomb wall and papyrus paintings. The best story connected with Hor is the story explained under Asar, where Hor defeats Sutekh to become the Pharaoh of all Egypt. Hor's eye was also quite useful in the every day egyptian's life, as the heiroglyphs for fractions were made from parts of it.

HorPharaoh of the Gods

Outside the temple at Edfu, Hor's cult center.

Inside the temple at Edfu, Hor's cult center.

The eye of Horus was often made into an amulet and worn because of the belief of the ancient egyptians that it would ensure the safety and health of the bearer and provide wisdom and prosperity.


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