Hopping Around Halifax

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Hopping Around Halifax

Hopping Around Halifax

Visiting Atlantic Canada? Nova Scotia? Nova Scotia is wonderful place. Not the weather..... not always, but don't let that from letting you have a wicked Spring Break!If you are going to Halifax, here are some really cool things that you should totally check out!

Rates for the Break


Just across the street from the Delta Halifax, the Delta Barrington offers almost all amentities that the Delta Halifax does. Price Per night: $129 +hst

Located in the heart of the action, the Delta Halifax is a highly praised hotel by any visitor. With over 4 stars on any travel advisor, why not make your stay a little more like home by staying at the Delta Halifax with their friendly and helpful staff?The Delta Halifax offers many accomodations including: Free WiFiPoolFitness Room(s)Valet ParkingAll of this for only $132 a night!

Going away? Why not fly away? Air Canada offers a round-trip flight for only $553 per head ($2212 for four). This flight could be book for your family leaving March 13th at 9:10 am and returns on March 21st at 12:01 am. Your crew will be flying on an Air Canada Express Jazz propeller plane which has an average leg room of 78cm.

A fresh take on today's modern hotels, the Four Points hotel by Sherton scored 4 stars on many travel reviewing websites. This hotel offers many accomodations including free wifi, free breakfast and a pool for the kiddies. Why not come enjoy your stay at the Four Points by Sheraton Halifax? For only $131 a night, you can't go wrong by staying t the Four Points by Sheraton!

A four star hotel in the Heart of downtown Halifax? You'll have a blast at this hotel. This hotel has everything you could ever want. A pool for the kids, restaurant, a workout room, and complimentary wifi.

The Prince George Hotel1725 Market Street, Halifax

Delta Barrington1875 Barrington St, Halifax

Delta Halifax1990 Barrington St, Halifax

Flight Options(Sydney to Halifax)

Four Points by Sheraton: Halifax1496 Hollis Street, Halifax

Want some cool stuff to do with yourself and your family?Why not try some of these cool and fun activities in the Halifax area?KartBahn: 66 Otter Lake Court, Halifax, NS B3S 1L9Price: $$Discovery Centre:1593 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Z7Price: $$Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: 1675 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 1S3Price: $$Citadel Hill:5425 Sackville St, Halifax, NS B3J 3Y3Price: $

Halifax Dining:Freddies Fantastic Fishhouse (Left) and Tomavino's Ristorante (Right)Mic Mac Mall Food Court(Top)All restaurants have fluxuation between prices though very low cost.

Packages March 13-20thMinimum Cost:$2341Maximum Cost: $2379

Packages March 13-20thMinimum Cost:$2341Maximum Cost: $2379


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