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The hoplites were citizen soldiers who had to pay for their own armor. They started training at around age 18-20 in most polis, but Spartan boys started training at age 7. Also in most polis the military's were part time and not really professional, but Sparta’s military was professional and a full time job. Only men were allowed in the military. They were fought to have first appeared in the 8th century B.C..

Whe Where The Hoplites

Foot soldiers in ancient greece where the hoplites. These soldiers were suited in bronze and leather armor. The hoplites fought in many battles they were the ones who destroyed the persians in The Battle of Marathon and The Battle of Salamis.

The Phalanx

The Phalanx is a battle strategy of the magnificent hoplites is called the phalanx. This was used in many battles. you need shields and spears to make a phalanx. picture top left

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