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Hope Solo

Once I graduated from University of Washington, I tried out for the USWNT U20. I made the team but only as a transitory player. I was often benched and rarely played. I knew that if I wanted to play in the big leauges that I would need to step up my game. So for that next year I trained every day and night with little time to hang out with friends or family. But it all payed off when I made the USWNT as a starting goalie. I started out not very well prominent but I was getting to do what I loved. My top priority is my team and I wouldn't give them up for anything. The most brooding thought I have is when I retire and have to leave the closest family I have; my team.

Perseverance is trying even when times get hard. I would have to say that I did not have the easiest life growing up, but I still persevered even when it seemed like the world was against me. The setting I grew up in, shaped me into who I am. It also gave me a very shrewd personality. It is incredulous to think that if I would've done anything different, I could be in a complete different boat.

Current Life

My name is Hope Solo, you may have heard my name before or read my biography and thought wow, she gets to do what she loves and get payed for it, her life is amazing. But, unfortunatly my childhood was not the best. I grew up with my mom and my brother, who were both cynical, especially towards me. My dad was in jail for embezzlement. My brother and I weren't very close, he taunted me and he would throw darts at me and shoot me with BB guns, pretending to be a combatant. At this young age I did not know a lot but I did know I loved playing soccer. It wasn't until my college years at University of Washington, I started plaing goalie. While I was in college my dad was living in a tent in the woods. I still visted him every day but it was hard. Even through the hard times in college, I dominated the Pacific 10 conference and received NSCAA All American Honors, and I got the Hermann award when I was a senior.


Young Life

Past, Present, and Future

Who I was yesterday, will not determine who I am today. You can't let your past control you. Everything you need is inside of you, sometimes you will need to dig deep just to find it, (Some deeper than others) but I guarantee if you try hard enough, you will find it. Once you find it your future is in your hands.

The Best Goalie on the Pitch


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