Hong Kong protest

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Hong Kong protest

What is Happening?Hong Kong is having a protest.Why?The Chinese Government is deciding who can be a candidate for the next Hong Kong election in 2017.

They say that the protestors are ot going to stop the protest because the Chinese Government's ruling on who may stand as a candidate. The Chinese Government does not have anything to do with who is going to be Hong Kong's leader.

"We are fighting for a fair democracy." - Kusa Yeung, a 24 year old copywriter.

As one of the most safest cities in the world, it has now become a battleground for the people fighting for democracy in Hong Kong.

It has only been 17 years since the handover from the United Kingdom to China, the freedom that they get are a bit different to what China gets. The difference will gradually be destroyed from the Chinese Government.


If this protest does not stop, then the Chinese government may need to do something as it is reflecting bad to other countries. Also, China's economy may fall because of this protest. Some countries may not do business with China and as although China has the second largest economy.

The Chinese government is making the Hong Kong people accept the unacceptable. The Hong Kong people want to be able to vote for a leader themselves and not be led by Beijing.

"Trying to clear the protests has just led to bigger protests." - Maya Wang, a Hong Kong-based researcher with Human Rights Watch.


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