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Life Science

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honeybees are... important POLLINATORSextremely ORGANIZED very HARDWORKINGeffective COMMUNICATORS and AMAZING insects

One of every 3 spoonfuls of food was pollinated by a honeybee. They are an essential part of our food system.

You found that a@10 Fascinating Facts About Honey Beeshttp://kathyrd.edu.glogster.com/edit/glog-from-bismarck-us-jul-16-2015-1029

# bees by the numbers ### 12, 000 # of times per minute wings flap to keep their pollen-laden bodies aloft for the flight home from flowers# 60,000 # of bees in a healthy colony# 1/12 teaspoon- the amount of honey a worker bee produces in her life time# 1,000,000 # of eggs a queen bee may lay in her life time# 1 approximate # of weeks a drone lives because after mating with the queen, he dies # 2000 # of flowers an industrious worker bee visits in a day to collect nectar and pollen

Colony Collapse Disorder- involves the lossof healthy honeybee hives- scientists are not sure why it happens but it may be a combination of factors that include viruses, pesticide exposure, inadequate nutrition and habitat loss

White House bee hive- President Obama is supporting a plan to "promote the health of honeybees and other pollinators.It has two main goals: decrease loss and protect habitat of pollinators like the honeybee, monarch butterfly, bats and small birds.

Honeybee gardens containflowers that make it easyfor bees to get at the NECTAR and POLLEN

Jeez LouiseWe Need Bees


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