[2015] Christina Bryant: Honey Bees

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[2015] Christina Bryant: Honey Bees

Fun Facts!* Bees can travel 25km per hour and beat their wings 200 times per second!*The queen can live up to five years and she can lay up to 2,500 eggs a day!*Each bee has 170 odorant receptors. They use this to communicate within the hive and to recognise different types of flowers when looking for food.

Hive Life!Honey bees live in hives, sometimes called colonies.There are 3 types of bees:The Queen - She runs the hive and lays eggsDrones - Male bees, they mate with the Queen to make more eggs.Workers - Female Bees. They forage for food, build and protect the hive, and keep it cool and clean. These are the bees you see the most!

Game and more!Here are some links to some fun bee games and websites!Bees and Honey GameBee Empire GameNational Geographic KidsSan Diego Zoo Kids

How Bees Help Us!Bees make honey! YUM!To make honey bees collect nectar from flowers. As bees fly from flower to flower they carry the pollen from one plant to the next. This is called pollunation and it is what helps flowers and trees create seeds and fruit that will turn into more flowers and trees, or more yummy food for us!

All About Honey Bees!


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