[2015] Hadley Pool: Honey Badger

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[2015] Hadley Pool: Honey Badger


Honey Badger(Mellivora capensis)

Miscellaneous FactsIsn't a true badger though it acts like one, has very long claws,has a short really bushy tail,sleeps twenty-four hours a dayis nocturnal

Food Chain

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Shared ResourcesThe honey badger shares burrows with rabbits. Both the rabbit and the badger use it to sleep, and stay in when it's cold. Antoher resource the badger has to share water holes. Almost all the animals there drink from the water hole including the badger. Also, the honey badger has to share food with other animals while watching out not to get eaten.

Ecosystems The honey badger can be found in the grasslands of Africa and India. They live there along with many other animals including:lions, jackals, and wild cats. Some prey of the animal are earthworms, Jackals, and other plants. The honey badger has to watch out for predators, such as lions

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