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Social Studies

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Climate The climate in Honduras depends on the elevation. The coastal areas are usually warmer and more humid. Next central region has a pleasant climate almost year-round. Then south is warmer and drier than the rest of the country. Those climates are becuase of the seasons which are rainy and dry. For example the dry season goes up to 105 degrees farenhite for the summer highs.

Capital: TegucigalpaPopulation: 8,746,673

Honduran Clothing Men in larger cities may wear a decorative shirt called a "guayabera"Also Western-style clothing is commonly worn. For example in rural areas shirts with english slogans would be worn even if the person does not speak english.

My FamilyMen(Dad): unemotional, assertive, and strong.Women(Mom and I): hardworking, attentive, cooperative, resposible, and thoughtful.Little siblings: obedient, rational, and poor.

Honduras Greetings Everyday I would greet routinely begin conversations with a friendly "Buenos dias" (good day). Also when sitting down to a meal with others, I will say "Buen provecho" (may it do you good!) For respect, I would give professionals sspecial tittles. For example: Professor Nunezand for non-professionals senor or senorita. Politness and gestures are important for greetings.

Day of The ChildDay of The Child is myfavorite holiday to celebrate. During this holiday all the children get to recieve sweets and gifts at school from the teachers and staffs. Also the adults congratulate the children when passing them on the street.

Fun ActivitiesIf I lived in Honduras I would gather all my friends to play a fun game of volleyball. I would also go swimming or scuba diving, if I had nothing else to do.Lastly at night the kids my siblings and I would gather around our grandparents and listen to their enjoyable stories.

Honduran FoodHomemade corn torillasRed beans (or red bean soup)Coconut breadFish or chicken (with enough money)Homemade cottage cheese called "cuajada"Favorite meal: Mondongo, a stew made with a part of cow's stomach.

One U.S. Dollar is worth21.4360 Honduran Lemiras

My Parents' Jobs My mom would raise shrimp or grow coffee, cotton, or sugar. Then my dad would work in a small factory or buisness.

A Different Life My life, growing up in Honduras would be different compared to now because everyday I would have to wake up in a poor slum or a small house made of dry mud and straw, called a "adobe". Also my life would have more responsibility because I would have to get up at 5 a.m. to take care of younger kids, feed animals, and do other chores.

Approximate size of Honduras in relation to a region in the U.S. Area of Honduras is 43,278 square miles. Honduras is just larger than the state of Tennessee and is shaped like a triangle.


Honduras Flag

Current Leader of the CountryPresident Juan Orlando Hernandez

Explorer:Columbus explored Honduras.He and his group came from the country of Europe.The years they explored were 1502 A significant fact is that he called the area Honduras (“depths”) because of the deep waters off the north coast.

Currency isLempira


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