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Social Studies

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Mayan civilization flourished in Honduras in the centuries before Columbus arrived in 1502. Following independence from Spain in 1821 and from Mexico in 1822, Honduras joined the United Provinces of Central America. In 1839, the country declared its independence. Dictatorships and frequent revolution characterized the country through the rest of the 19th century and into the 20th.


Major cities1. Tegucigalpa - 850,8482. San Pedro Sula - 489,4663. Choloma - 139,100Natrual Recorcestimber, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, antimony, coal, fish, hydropower.Mt. Ranges.Guatemala ranges that reach heights of more than 9,000 meters. Sierra Madres, Sierra del Merrendons and Central American Corillero.


Fun Facts

. Honduras was given its name by Christopher Columbus.. Hondo means deep, which represents the deep waters in the Honduran coast. In 1954, Honduras was the last Latin American country to give women the right to vote.


The stars represent the members of the former Federal Republic of Central America - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The blue bands symbolize the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The white band represents the land between the two bodies of water and the peace and prosperity of its people


. . Date of Independence is September 15, 1821. You must be 18 to vote. President is Juan Orlando Hernandez. President is elected by the most popular vote to run for a 4 year term. Type of Government is democratic constitutional republic


Spanish is the official language of Honduras and is spoken by all Hondurans

Most Hondurans are members of the Roman Catholic Church. Traditionally Catholicism has been the strongest religion in the country but, recently Evangelism has become popular and is becoming more popular especially for the younger Hondurans

Language and Religion

Life Expectancy Male - 67.81 yearsFemale - 71.01 yearsDeath Rate5.09 deathsBirth Rate24.16 birthsPopulation7.936 million

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