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This is one of Honduras' most common and popular dishes (comida tipica), called baleadas. It is normally a flour tortilla filled with mashed fried beans, but many other toppings are added such as cheese, eggs and vegatables.

This is Honduras's animal mascot, the white tailed deer.

This is the Honduras bandera! The white strip in the middle represents peace and prosperity, and the land of Honduras. The blue stripes represent the Pacific and Atlantic oceans surrounding Central America. The blue stars in the center represent the five original Central America provinces.

Mapa of Honduras:

Hola, Senoritas

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Fun Facts:*Honduras is home to manyamazing natural abnormalities, such as -The largest pine forest in America, called the Olancho Forest Reserve , which is the size of Conneticut! -The amazing air plant, which gets its nutrition from the air and needs no soil - A strange phenominon in which fish really rain from the sky! Most believe the fish are brought to the clouds by a waterspout

This is the Honduran mondea,or currency, called lempiras. One lempira equals about 0.05 US dollars.

Capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa, or Tegucigalpa, Municipio del Distrito Central

Population (Poblacion)About 8.1 million people


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