Homo Habilis

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Homo Habilis

Phsical Features Had small but strong teeth. were as small as 3 feet 4in and as tall as 4 feet 5in. weighed around 70 pounds.

When did homo hablils first appear? Homo hablils first appeared in the Olduvai Gorge in east africa about 2.4 million year ago. They had small jaws, misangled faces,bigger brains than Australopithecus and had very large brow ridges.

Homo hablils lifehomo hablils were hunter gathers they would often hunt food bring it back to the camp and cook it while the men were hunting the woman would look around the camp for berrys and small animals they could eat.

Homo hablils facts shelters of sticks. Also had an omnivorus diet. Name means handy man,Brain was 47% of the size it is today.an old age for them would be 15-16Had large front teeth.

Homo hablils and homo sapien similarities.homo hablils and homo sapiens are both part of the animal kingdom and both are mammals also they are both from the Hominidae family.

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