Homo Habilis

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Homo Habilis


1 million years ago Homo Habilis appearedon the side of a lake in East Arica.

Some physical feutures of homo habilis are they looked like and ape,had hair everywhere,always hunched over and had long ape like arms.

by:Lisa and Sam

Homo HabilisFacts-Most Homo Habilis are mostly vegetarian-Homo Habilis would constantly move with their food source and couldn't settle in one place.-Homo Habilis avoided caves because they were home to dangerous predators such as bears or lions.-Homo Habilis remains where mostly found in Kenya and Tanzania.

Homo Habilis have some physical features similar to modern homo sapiens, such as, walking on 2 feet, they have similar fingers, their teeth are similar as well and they had hair

Homo Habilis had many differences compared to us, such as, they built their shelter out of branches, made stone tools, and hunted their prey with rocks and branches.

Homo habilis have some physical features similar to modern hopmo sapien such as walking on 2 feet,their fingers,their teeth,hair and their skillful


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