Homo Habilis

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Homo Habilis


MEASURESHeight: 1.20-1.40Weight:40-50 kg.

2.33 to 1.44 million years ago

First remains found:1959Two teethAt Olduvai Gorge in TanzaniaOther parts of the skeleton were found within the next year

Half the cranial capacity than modern humans

It coexisted with homo erectus

Homo habilis skull

The remains are often found accompanied by stone tools

Other characteristics:-Rounded brain case- Slight forehead- Small arched brow ridge- Smaller teeth

Homo Habilis was short and had very long arms.Its face was less protruding that its ancestor's.

Habilis means 'handy' or 'skilful' This species developed the ability to modify stones into tools

They lived in Eastern and Southern Africa


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