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Homo Erectus Project

Homo Erectus

Homo erectus were, by definition, hunter-gatherers. They hunted animals like the giant sheep and antlered giraffe, as well as gathered foods like bird eggs and hackberries.

The Homo erectus used many tools, but one of the most important was the hand-axe, used for preparing food, hunting, and chopping wood.

The Homo erectus was a humanlike species in every aspect except for that of the skull. The skull was designed to protect the grapefruit-sized brain, with a thick brain case, strong bones, and limited room for the brain to rattle.

Bones of the Homo erectus were found in Indonesia, Niger, China, The Republic of Georgia, and India. They are said to be the first homonids to migrate out of Africa.

This video shows how the discovery of a Homo erectus skull threw the scientific community into dissaray. Due to the rare find, it lead to the theory that not all Homo erectus looked the same.

The Homo erectus was a species that existed in the "Pre-History" era. They found unique ways to survive,such as walking on two legs, migrating out of Africa,and crafting tools. The species as a whole was incredibley intelectual and innovative.

"Homo Erectus" means "Upright Man."

The Homo Erectus were the first known homonids to walk exclusivley on two legs

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