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Hometown 3

Spanish Government and Military

The Spanish government is a Constitutional Monarchy formed in 1978 after Juan Carlos I was proclaimed king in 1975. The government is split into three main branches. The President (Prime Minister) who forms the first branch is nominated by the Monarch and is approved by the Congress of Deputies and does not hold much power but acts like the country’s Chief Executive. The second branch is the Cortes Generales which is split into two parts, the lower and upper houses. The lower house consists of the Congress of Deputies and the upper house is comprised of the Assembly of Senators. the Cortes Generales can propose laws and amend the constitution. However, the the lower house can override a Senate veto with a majority vote. The Congress of Deputies also has the power to confirm or dismiss the President. The third and final branch of government is the Constitutional Court which was created by the government to protect the people. Anyone who thinks the government is infringing on their constitutional rights can make an appeal to this court. This court also checks the constitutionality of all laws, acts, and regulations set forth by the government. Spain has a very stable government that will serve it’s citizens for many years to come.

This is a video of the spanish military.

The Spanish military is a modern force in the 21st century. With a military force consisting of an air force, navy, and an army, Spain is not a power you would want to fight. They are also part of NATO, Eurocorps, European Battle Groups, and the U.N. They are also one of the top suppliers of peacekeeping troops to the U.N. With an army of 123,000 people and another 16,000 in reserve, Spain has a large force that’s been created to protect it's thousands of miles of borders. With 531 planes, Spain protects it's skies, and with 46 war ships patrolling it’s coasts, Spain protects its coasts. Spain is constantly trying to improve it’s weapons to modern standards and is in a world-wide race with many other nations to become a stronger military force.

This is the official flag logo of Spain's government, on the right side of the flag is where the government holds meetings and where the prime minister holds conferences.

This is the capital of Spain, Madrid. As shown in the red circle, it is in the middle of the country. The parliament (Cortes Generales) holds meetings here and it is the center of Spain's military force.

By Tom M. and Kyriakos T.

The Military Logo of Spain


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