Hometown 3

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Hometown 3

Every seven years a huge celebration takes place that has music and ALOT of dance. This celebration is called the Turning Of The Bones. This celebration takes place at the ancestoral crypt where bodies are mummified. This celebration maintains links with revered ancestors. This celebration has no specific dance so you are allowed to do your own dance. Most dancing that is actually a dance is when people are celebrating at things like weddings. This type of dance is still a great tradition. The history of dance is mainly to show emotions and and to tell stories. Dance was mainly created from tribes from the past. And this dance is shaped by the beat of music.

Madagascar Dance and MusicBy: Nathaniel Silva

Beat makers are very important to music

Noticed how they made this with different things but it still has a similar purpose

Madagascar music is shaped from Southern Asia, Africa, Arabia, England, France, and the U.S. In this particular video notice how they use beat makers, strings, and there own voice. Like Dance, music is used to tell a story or even show emotions. This type of music is of course still played today. Music is commonly played at celebrations and holidays. This type of music is played mainly by stings and beat makers yet there is still a lot more instruments played such as woodwinds.

Notice how there strings are different from ours

These are a type of bongo

These are some of the important sting instruments that are played in Madagascar. All music needs to have some type of strings to give it a good "tune". Without string instruments in Madagascar, music would be "bland" and without taste.

These here are some beat makers. Beat makers are vitally important in any type of music. Beat makers are the instruments that tie all other instruments together and keep them in harmony.


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