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Homestead Act Poster

Why Should I Join the West? - The land is so cheap, only $12 for 160 acres. - You can have a new life farming, or mining.

Join The West

No confederates allowed!

You could have any of this land for only $12

~Bring your tools, seeds, livestock and your family. ~Create a well for water~Make a home for you to live in~Plow your land so you can farm~ Put up a fence~Anyone can take this land wether you were slave, a woman or a manas long as your over 21 years of age and head of your household~The land is yours for life after farming it for 5 years

You could be living like this happy family in no time!

What do I need to do in my new life?

President Lincoln passed the Homestead Act

You could be living by this beautiful scenery

Good luck on your new land!



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