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Although there are many organizations to help the homeless, homlessness is becoming more and more common. Large ammounts of volunteers come with this increasing prevalence. This can cause problems as many people are forced to come up with unreasonable solutions to this growing problem. Homelessness also negatively affects communities by presenting an obvious broken window. This can branch out to additional broken windows such as drug use and public health/safety issues.All three of these problems lead to an overall negative view of many communities, and by then the desire to help may be lost.

Short term effects of homelessness-InstabilityPoor healthDepressionAnxiety disordersIncreased exposure to violenceLong term effects of homelessness-Drug/alcohol abuseArrestSTDsLearning DisabilitiesLack of education

Loss of Job Domestic ViolenceHigh Housing / Rental CostsDisability - Physical/MentalDeath of a Family MemberLow Paying JobNatural Disasters (fires, storms)Substance abuseFamily Break UpLack of Transportation Family Crisis (loss of hours; car break down)

What would you do?

What causes homelessness?

Carleigh Litteral Honors English IIThomas27 February 2014

The Salvation Army was founded in London's East End in 1865. The context that this organization started in one of the biggest cities of the world made it spread much quicker than usual. The Salvation Army now serves 118 countries.

Power of Context

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Believe it or not, the homeless epidemic can relate to North Oldham. In many ways, the help that students provide in hallways and throughout classrooms here at North is relateable to the help homeless people recieve. Helpfulness or unhelpfulness is a result of many things-- personal beliefs, the bystander effect, location, and the context of the situation. The unhelpfulness and unfriendliness demonstrated throughout our school community could easily grow and branch out, just like shelters and frequent donators to the homeless. All you've got to do is help.




Mavens are knowledgeableabout the homeless. Theyspead their knowledge ofhow to help in the mostefficent ways.

When connectors help the homeless, they spread the word through friends and acquaintances so that more people will join and help.

Salespeople are those who run shelters and small profit organizations that aid the homeless.

When people notice the undesirable effects of homelessness, their desire to help not only the homeless but themselves/their community grows. As they help, others may see this broken window slowly becoming less evident and also decide to help.

The Stickiness Factor

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What causes homelessness? What makes people helpful or unhelpful towards the homeless? How can you help here at North?

As homelessness becomes a major issue, a small group of helpful organizations can eventually lead to worldwide help.


Even though there are countless organizations to help the homeless, homelessness still remains a major problem.


Law of the Few



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