Homeless veterans

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Homeless veterans

A quote by: Patty MurrayU.S. Senate "As the daughter of a World War II veteran and a senior member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, I’ve been fighting for years to make sure our country follows through on its promise to take care of our veterans after they return home. While our country has made great strides in recent years providing services to the men and women who so bravely served our country, I believe that even one veteran sleeping on the streets is one too many, which is why I’m so proud to join this effort to end veteran homelessness once and for all."

In January of 2014, all across Americamore than 49,993 veterans wereidentified as being homeless.Males 91%Single- 98%Living in the city- 76%Mental/Physical disabilities- 54%African American- 39%

Possible solutions to end the homeless veterans population is by making more homeless shelters or providing them with low rent housing and a job. Most veterans aren't accepted to have a job because employers are scared of their side effect of PTSD or any mental and or physical disabilities from serving our country.

Homeless Veterans-A vet who came home from serving our country and was left with nothing and not even being able to get a job.

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The major negative impacts on the society is the fact that, it's showing society that no matter how hard you work for our country. When you come home, you might now be able to get a job to be able to support yourself. You also might not be able to get a house to stay warm and be safe off of the streets.


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