Homeless Bird

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Homeless Bird

Creative CatharsisKoly finds comfort as well as a profession in her embroidery. It becomes her medium not only for making money with which to survive, but also to tell the story of her journey.

Hope in Adversity Koly must remain hopeful and persevere even in the most dire of circumstances. It is her hopeful spirit and attitude towards what happens to her that is her salvation.

Homeless Birdby Gloria Whelan





About the AuthorGloria Whelan has been writing stories since she was a little girl. She lives in Michigan where she is inspired by the nature around her.

Photo Creditshttp://cosmicreading.pbworks.com/w/page/33153319/Homeless%20Birdhttp://www.sos-arsenic.net/english/women_project/women.htmlMusic - Sitar found using Spotify

Plot SummaryKoly is a young Indian girl who is tricked into marrying a sick boy so that his family can have her dowry. After her husband dies she must live with her cruel mother-in-law or "Sass," her husband's kind sister, and her father-in-law who teaches her to read. Eventually her sister-in-law is married and her father-in-law passes away leaving Koly to live with her horrible Sass. The Sass decieves Koly and abandons her in a city of widows where Koly must fend for herself. Luckliy she befriends a kind boy named Raji who helps her find a place to stay. She eventually finds employment as an embroiderer and begins to fall in love with Raji. Raji is able to start a farm in the countryside and asks Koly to be his wife.

Key CharactersKoly - ProtagonistSass - Mother-in-LawSassur - Father-in-LawHari - Koly's Ill First HusbandChandra - Sister-in-LawRaji - Rickshaw Driver Maa Kamala-Widows' House CaretakerMr. Das - Embroidery Shop OwnerMrs. Devi - The Sponsor of the Widows' House

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