[2015] erin lally (E Block): Homeless Bird

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[2015] erin lally (E Block): Homeless Bird

The families have a very big part of of finding the husband for the daughter. The very strict tradition of arranged marriages have been going on for thousands of years. The dad of the girl tries to find a well educated boy in her caste for her to marry. Caste in English means a social ranking. When the dad is searching to finding the husband he is able to keep searching if he doesn’t like one of the boys he is looking at. Since the dad looks for a boy in the same gotra or subcaste most of the arranged marriages do work out. In most arranged marriages the daughter doesn't have any say in who she will marry so all her faith is in her dad to make the right decision for her. This tradition is very important for any traditional Hindu person living in India. The family only wants the best for their daughter in her marriage. The choice that the family made doesn’t just have an impact on the daughter the family too because they are losing their daughter for the rest of their lives. In many cities in India today it is very popular for the man’s family that is looking for a wife to post an ad in the Sunday newspaper. The paper’s normally say how the man is looking for a wife that is suitable for him and includes a description of what he is looking for in his future wife. This is a straightforward strategy for getting a wife’s dad to see it in the paper. Then does his research on the boy and if he likes him then the boy will marry his daughter. Without the dad finding the man for the daughter there would be no elaborate ceremony to attend. The Indian wedding ceremony is a very elaborate event. Before the ceremony the priest sits down with the future husband and wife and he tells them what is expected to happen in this new marriage together. Since the couple just met for the first time, they don’t really know each other so the priest helps them to practice getting along, how to treat each other with respect, and teaches them how to love each other now and forever. During the ceremony the two families that are combining play a game to get to know each other. This is a way of coming together as a whole and not two families that don’t know each other. Also during the ceremony the man ties a necklace around the wife’s neck. This is just like putting a ring on someones finger in the Catholic and many other religions. It shows that the couple have united and are now husband and wife. After the ceremony it is extremely common to eat after. In almost every religion it is common to eat after someone is married. It acts like the last dinner the bride will have with her mom, and dad, and sometimes the siblings. The ceremony is similar to other common religions here in the U.S. The man and wife have many jobs due to the elaborate Indian Weddings. The husband and wife both play an essential role in the relationship. The arranged marriage ceremony is very formal. The bride and groom are organized in strict accordance with the rituals. The bride and groom have to be dressed nicely and not just in every day clothes . It is important for the man and the girl to be prepared for the ceremonies rituals. After the wedding the new wife has to leave her family forever. That is one of the first jobs the wife does in her marriage. She now doesn't belong to her parents she now belongs to her husband. During the marriage the wife is assigned to many jobs. Most of the jobs that they were brought up doing and they may or may not enjoy doing are what they need to do for her husband. That is when the husband is out in the field working, the market all day. The men were not brought up to cook and clean and take care of the children they went to school to get educated. Also it is mandatory to bring a dowry to if you are a girl to your husband. A dorary is a property or money brought by the bride. The dowery includes money and jewelry and sometimes animals. This is an important thing if you want to get married. A dowry is needed for marriage because it is a part of a tradition that the bride brings some wealth to the new founded family. The many aspects of the elaborate arranged marriage have three important roles the dad, the ceremony and the husband and wife.

Koly’s life changed throughout her arranged marriage. There were many requirements for each family of the bride and groom. Koly was a still a young thirteen-year-old girl when she got married. The mother-in-law treated her poorly and often yelled at her to do more work. This arranged marriage was not like any other. Koly’s husband didn't have a house of his own, and he was very sick. Koly’s parents did not know that he was so sick. Hari’s parents did not meet the necessary requirements for an arranged marriage. After conducting my research, the articles that I read said both families had some part in the wedding, so both families were encouraged to participate in the wedding. The research I did on arranged marriages really helped me see how Kolys marriage did not work out because Hari’s mom was not happy and Hari’s family was in a different caste. I learned that girls have no voice in the Hindu religion. In paragraph one the dad does all the searching for the girl. Then in paragraph two the ceremony goes on with no input from the bride. Finally the husband and wife start their new jobs for each other.All the research I’ve done has brought me to this point in time and many of the arranged marriage requirements have changed dramatically for the bride and groom’s families.

The book Homeless Bird, by Gloria Whelan, takes place in India in the early part of the 20th century. Koly, the protagonist, is from a very traditional Indian family. When koly was 13-years - old she was forced into an arranged marriage. The man she married was very sick and he died soon after the wedding, making Koly a widow. After a couple of years the family started to leave home or die, and Sass, the mother-in-law, left Koly in the holy city of Vrindavan. Vrindavan is the place where all widows go when there is nowhere to go. Kolys family traditions are very similar to old traditional Indian customs. Arranged marriages in India have many requirements for each family of the bride and groom.








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