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HOMEWORK HELP:Google it!Click for some amazing Google search tools....

Have you ever tried GLOGSTER?It's really fun! Make and design your own posters...Click here to give it a try!(That's how I made this page!!!) ; )

About ME....I'm an artist--I love to draw...especially with colored pencils and Sharpie markers!I have 2 daughters and one dog! Her name is Daisy...This is my 2nd year at Lower Milford and I'm really excited to be here!!!

Come and visit me in room #114

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Designed by Isabel Oberlender

B) nice shadesC : big smile!:-P tongue sticking out=^_^= happy, blushing\o/ jumping for joyo/\o high five@}-;-'--- rose

Show how you REALLY feel with EMOTICONS!

Welcome to Lower Milford's Technology page. Here you'll find all kinds of neat things to try! Check back often for technology updates, cool links, projects we're collaborating on and much more! Leave me a message on my "message wall!" I'm looking forward to hearing from you!Technology yours, Miss Gofberg

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