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Home Edition - Glogster EDU Premium

Home Edition

1 to 1 with Glogster EDU = Seriously Creative EDUcation

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12M kids 25M Glogs. Get inspired.

10 Students

The History of Glogster EDU

What is Glogster EDU Premium?

You’ll Get: • All premium Glogging features unlocked• Capture the joy of discovery, and engage learners constantly with new challenges• Unique new content (Glog templates) to RE-GLOG from Glogpedia every month• Do imaginative, unique projects about anything, and work on them anywhere• An Unbeatable Value: just $10 a year ($49 Lifetime)A private, secure environment for learning with the whole family: Perfect for Homeschooling

1 Educator

$10 a year (or $49 lifetime)

The History of Glogster EDU

Access our paper on Homeschooling and Glogster EDU here:



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