Holy Week in Mexico

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Holy Week in Mexico

They never eat meat during Holy week. They eat Bacaolao con vegetables. Which means Cob fish with vegetables

Holy Week in MexicoBy: Vinny, Suzy, Donny, Owen, Abby, Esmerelda,

Pointy Hats that they wear during Holy Week called Capirotes

They make floats that are very big and heavy with Jesus and the stations of the cross

Differences in holy week from the US


Advice to give if somone is coming to Holy Week

Stations of the Cross

Holy Week Holy week in Mexico starts on Palm Sunday, just like in America. They start with a mass that celebrates the Blessing of the Palms. The fronds are woven into little crosses, and then are blessed with holy water. On Monday and Thursday the celebrations begin! They have someone carry the cross publicly, they do the stations of the cross, and the men carry large floats with religious symbols and decorations

We don't have floatsWe don't have capirotesWe only don't eat meat on Friday

We have a mass celebrationThey are both Catholic celebrationsWe do the stations of the cross

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Don't judge the people, environment, and how Mexico celebrates Holy Week. Be prepared for the floats and celebrations

Would you participate in Holy Week for your country?

Yes, because it looks very funand interesting


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