[2013] Ashley Diogostne (Morality MrsGemmell, DiCarlo Religion Per 2): Holy Orders

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[2013] Ashley Diogostne (Morality MrsGemmell, DiCarlo Religion Per 2): Holy Orders

Holy Orders

Deacons read the scriptures, they taught catechumens, ministered to the sick, and distributed food and clothing to the poor, especially widows and orphans.



Bishops govern the local church in a given diocese and governs the universal church with the Pope and College of Bishops.

The essential matter and form of the sacrament of Holy Orders is the Bishop's imposition of hands on the head of the ordinand and asking God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and his gifts proper to the ministry

Deacons recieve the dalmatic which is the outer liturgical vestment of the deacon.

Bishops wear a ring to symbolize that he is dedicated to his diocese and God.


The three main tasks of a priest are to teach the gospel to all, to sanctify the people of God, and to govern the parish throughout pastoral ministry.

Priest can perform five of the seven sacraments. Thy can perform Baptism, Reconciliation, the Holy Eucharist, Anointing of the Sick, and Matrimony.

Priests recieve the stole, which is a long, narrow band of fabric, like a scarf. They also recieve the Chasuble, which is the outr vestment worn by a priest at the liturgy.


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