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holy oders

Holy Orders



Priest have many responbilities but out of those many the most important include,Teaching, Baptizing, Administring Eucharist, Ordaining others, Serving the commuity, and Missionary work. To become a priest one must listen to find his vocation maing sure that this is Gods plan next one must become involved in the parish and enter the Seminary to further their education in a religions vocation.

Although there are many responsbilities of a bishop the three most important are to Teach, Govern, and Santify. Ultimately the final decision of who becomes a Bishop rests in the hands of the pope but Deacons elect appointees or candiates to be elected as a Bishop.


The Matter of all three sacrarments of Holy Orders is the laying of hands commonly used to anoint Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.

The responsibilites of a Deaon includes fullfilling every duty that can not be upheld by an elde or pastor. Like a Priest and a Bishop, the Deaon is rewuired to be a teacher and preacher taking care of the emmebers of the church. He does not hve any specific duties rather duties that only he can fullfill. Unlike Priest and Bishops, Deacons can be married and have a family of there own as one also dedciates his life to the Church and God. A Deacon serves the Church in union with priests and bishops to preach and and teach.

The form of the three sacraments of Holy Orders is spoken through the words that say, “We ask you, all powerful Father, give these servants of yours the dignity of the presbyter. Renew the Spirit of holiness within them. By your divine gift may they attain the second order in hierarchy and exemplify right conduct in their lives."


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