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A hologram is an object that is made entirely of light. We can see them just like regular physical objects but they do not have physical resistance. When moved or just touched they dont have mass and you may go through them. You can make anything imaginable with a hologram

What is microsoft Hololens? and What does it do?

The Hololens runs on windows 10 and is a device that has no wires and no connection to a phone or Pc. It allows users to pin holograms in the environment around them and allows them to see the world differently. The Microsoft Hololens has high definition lenses and spatial sound so the holograms are very realistic.


What is a Hologram?

The Hololens is much like the Xbox's Kinect, it will track your movements and transform what you see by blasting light at the eyes(it doesn't hurt). The device has multiple sensors to get your movements in a room, it also has a camera that looks at the room as you see it so the machine knows exactly where objects are. This also allows you to place 3D images on top and even inside of them.

How does the machine ensure we dont run into real life objects?

More information and fun facts on Microsoft Holo lens.

http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us/get-readyand http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-hololens-explained-how-it-works-and-why-its-different/


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