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Joseph Stalin would do anything in order to get what he wanted, and looked out for what was in his best interest. One of the ultranationalist policies he set in was collectivization. Collectivization; he would consolidate individual privately owned farm land and labour into collective farms. He also blocked the boarders not allowing Ukrainians to leave or enter, thus prohibiting them frome getting food to bring back or go find a place of safety during the famine. He also increased the production quotos, which could not be met. Stipulating the food to be property of the USSR was another ultranationalist action he made. Stalin did anything to block the rise of Ukrainian nationalism/self determination.


If Stalin was not a leader. Also if Stalin deciding to give the crops to the starving people of the Ukraine insted of giving it to Russia the whole famine could have been avoided. All Stalin really cared about though was the money he was getting by selling the crops to Russia due to the greed he had, he only was concerened by his own interests. Another way the Holodomor could have been at least helped and possibly prevented was if the outside world knew what was happening in Ukraine at the time. People were sworn to secrecy and the consequence/penalty of telling the outside world was death. The last way we believe the Holodomor could have been prevented was if the people of Ukraine followed Stalin's 5 year plan and it wasn't dropped. If they had just listened to his commands, even though they where unreasonable this whole disaster could have been avoided. Though if they did follow his plan they still would have suffered but in different ways.



Ultranationalist Actions made by Stalin


1924 - Joseph Stalin becomes USSR leader1932 - Famine Begins1933 - Famine Ends1993 - (November)World reacts 1983 - Public Monument made in Edmonton AB


The Holodomor (Famine in the Ukraine) was a man made Famine that occured in the Ukrainian SSR from 1932-1933. In the course of this famine approximately 5-10 million people died. During this time the USSR's leader was Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin set up collectivization and took over family farms in order to create collective farms. Based on the harvest from the previous year there should have been plenty of food to go around but that wasnt the case. The crop during that year wasn't the greatest due to the natural causes. There was a scarce of food due to the fact that Stalin was selling it to Russia in order to gain money interests of his own. If anyone was caught trying to take/hide grain they would be either killed or sent to labour camps. Food was so scarce some people resorted to cannibalism, eating their children, or other people who were already dead. After the one year the famine had ended and people slowly began to have enough food again

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Joseph Stalin


What actions can we take to ensure that this type of tragedy doesn't occur again?


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