Holocausts Dehumanization

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Jewish History

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Holocausts Dehumanization

Holocausts: Dehumanization

Nazi Treatment #1The soldiers and guards harassed, beaten, and murder Jews and another races.

Battle Timeline

World War II (1939-1945 CE)On September 1, 1939, Nazi troops invaded Poland, setting off World War II. Hitler ordered to persecute Jews, homosexuals and other races in Nazi-occupied Europes.

Year 1945The prisoners were rescued and many of Nazi leaders were convicted and punished of war crimes.Hitler killed himself before he could be captured.

Scientist Josef MengeleA concentration camp, Auschwitz is where Mengele taken twins to performed cruel experiments on them.

Gas ChamberEvery camp had multiple gas chambers, these were used to kill prisoners by filling the room with poison gas and buring corpses.

Treatment to the JewsBy 1941, the Jews were forced out of the homes and properties.The Jews were moved into ghetto-isolated areas where they are being brutalized and murder at random.Hitler and the Nazis carry out the plan to systematically murder all Jews in Europe.






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