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Social Studies
World War II

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The Holocaust



Ravensbruk The concentration camp that i will be talking about is Ravensbruck. Ravensbruck was the largest concentration camp for women in the German Reich. This camp was only second in size to only the women's camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau. The first prisoners were about 900 women whom the SS transferred from Litchburg Women’s camp in Saxony on May 1939. By the end of 1942 female prisoners grew to about 10,000. Then by January 1945 the camp had more than 50,000 prisoners manly women some men. Prisoners came from over 30 countries. Political prisoners, roma, sinti, jews, jehovih witnesses, criminals, work shy and, race defilers these where the different types of prisoners they had. Ravensbruck contained 18 barracks, two for prisoners, two severed as warehouses, one penalty block, one as a camp prison until 1939 when a separate one was built and the rest of the 12 barracks served as prisoner housing. They slept on 3 wooden bunks and only one bathroom per barrack. They lack of sanitation causes a sickness to spread throughout the camp. Prisoners would be experimented on and eventually die from them. You got sent to the gas chamber if you had physical and intellectual disabilities. You got shot if weak or injured or, just be killed with lethal injection. The prisoners that worked in brothels were promised an early release but the Nazis lied and never got released early. Before liberated they gased about 5,000 to 6,000. Ravensbruck was finally liberated in April 1945.

RwandaRwanda relates to the Holocaust because it was an attempt of genocide. From April to July 1994 members of the Hutu murdered as many as 800,000 people. Most of the people who died were Tutsi minority. That also relates because it was one group targeting another group. Just like Germans targeted Jews. Hutu forced as many as 300,000 Tutsi to flee the country. Just like Hitler tried telling the Jews to leave. Rwanda is a small country in Africa and 85% of it’s population is Hutu and the rest is Tutsi. Also like the Holocaust because there was not a lot of jews but, many germans. This relates because Hutu wanted power over Tutsi and Hitler wanted power over the germans. They both wanted power over another.There many other places with an attempt of genocide I think that this one relates most to the Holocaust in many, many ways.

Jeannie BurkJeannine Burk was a hidden child during the Holocaust. She was born in Brussels, Belgium September 15, 1939. Belgium was supposed to be neutral during the war but Hitler didn’t care and paid no attention to the treaties. She must have thought there must have been some kind of underground resources where you can inquire about hiding jews. Her father had found a place for her a place to stay, her brother and, her sister. They were all sent to different places. When her father took her to the womens house that was the last time she would see her father. She had stayed there for two years. When she wanted to go outside she was only allowed to go out back and never in the front but at a certain time. She losted a great part of her life because she was Jewish. In fall 1944 her mother came back for her got her sister as well and the brother found his own way back home. They waited for her father and then someone finally told them that he died in a gas chamber. Her mother soon died because of breast cancer. She then moved to New york with her family.

Propaganda They used this type of propaganda to get the word out there. By having all these words on a poster and putting them up where people can see makes them believe that it’s true. Making the Jews look ugly and fat makes people not want to hang out with them. Saying that they are dangerous makes people want to believe in Hitler and the Nazis. That gives them power and more control over people. This was basically all to get the people scared of Jews. That’s why they targeted the Jews like this to gain more and more power towards Jews.


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