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Social Studies
Jewish History

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Literature for Students

The Holocaust

Citations:The Holocaust. (n.d.). History.com. Retrieved May 3, 2014, from http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/the-holocaustUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Retrieved May 3, 2014, from http://www.ushmm.org/A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust-Perpetrators. (n.d.). A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust-Perpetrators. Retrieved May 3, 2014, from http://fcit.usf.edu/holocaust/people/perps.htm

How did America help to save these innocent lives and fight back against Hilter? Find out here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/holocaust/maps/

The Nazi's rose to power in what they called the Third Reich in which Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany. They began with an attempt to control the cutlture, education, and economy of the people. Their fight fir control turned into what they wanted to become a clensing of the population. They began to

More about the rise of the Nazis

Diary of a Young Girl- Anne FrankNumber the Stars: Lois LoweryHilde and Eli: Children of the Holocaust- David A. AdlerThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas- John BoyneNight- Elie Wiesel

It's our responsibility to continue to fight against genocide. Learn of real life survivors here! http://www.ryot.org/interactive-map-lets-see-touching-tales-holocaust-survival-around-world/661821

still living survivors

SS5H6 The student will explain the reasons for America’s involvement in World War II.b. Describe major events in the war in both Europe and the Pacific; include Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, D-Day, VE and VJ Days, and the Holocaust.

Nazis invaded and occupide the West side of Poland and continued their “Aryanization” of the Jewish citizens. Rules and other guidelines for Jews were enforced by Gestapo that occupied cities and towns. Jews were forced into ghettos and required to wear gold stars to identify them. Soon after the invasion of Poland and orginization of Jewish ghettos, the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union.A euthanasia program of gass chambers was developed and experimentation was done on handicapped Europeans. It has been recorded that 275,000 people were secretly killed in this pilot for the Holocaust.

Some of the Leaders Responsible for the Holocaust:Adolf Hitler- Chanclleor of GermanyAdolf Eichmann- Organizer of trnasport to concentrations campsHans Frank- Governor of occupied PolandJoseph Goebbels- Nazi Propoganda leaderJoseph Mengele-Experimental Dr. at the concentration camps

Concentration Camps in Germany:EsterwegenDachauLichtenburgSachsenhausenBuchenwald Auschwitz

Allied powers were made aware of the sevearity of the situation and took action against the Nazis. Nazi power desolves. The Allied Powers came and liberated the concentration camps in January of 1945. Survivors returned to their homes and tried to maintain their former lives. Progroms, or Anti- Jewish riots, broke out over Poland. Government programs were developed to help assimilate the survivors back into society. Many people moved to different areas, such as Israel.

Prisions were created to put Jewish citizens in. They refered to these compounds as concentration camps. Jews were forced onto trains for transport to the death camps. Families were split apart and the women and children were sent to one area, the men to another. People were starved and forced to work. They were marked with numbers on the arms. The no longer had a name, only a number to the Nazis. People were selected to be sent to the gas chambers. People were killed in large numbers and buaried in mass graves.

Visit the National Holocaust Musem for more informationhttp://www.ushmm.org/

The Holocaust claimed around 6 Million lives of Jews and other people deemed to not be apart of the Aryan race


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