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Social Studies
World War II

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The Holocaust

Concentration Camps: Dachau The concentration camp I chose was the first ever camp established. It is called Dachau and it was established on March 9, 1933.It wasn’t liberated until April of 1945. More than 200,00 prisoners were sent there at one point or another and over 30,000 people died there. The main purpose of this camp was to silence anyone that was against the Nazi regime and try to make them support it. The head of this camp was a man named Theodor Eicke and he ran this camp well. Theodor had extremely strict rules and guidelines. The people that helped him run the camp were mainly members of the SS. The SS are also known as “ Death’s Head Unit”and they were known for their brutal ways. When Dachau first opened the prisoners that were sent there were mainly Communists and Social Democrats because they were against the Nazi way. The first Jews that were sent there received horrible treatment that was unknown to any other prisoner. Once you were taken there all your belongings were taken, your head was shaved, and they dressed you in striped prison uniforms. After they did that, the Nazis would give you an identification number and a colored triangle that said what group you belong to. The prisoners there were constantly beaten and the working conditions were horrible. The Nazis would do crazy medical experiments on the prisoners they included; giving them Malaria, Tuberculosis, and Typhus. Other prisoners were cut, some were poisoned, some were forced to drink sea water, and around 200 people died everyday in this camp from the Nazis doing crazy things to them.

Shep Zitler Shep Zitler was born on May 27, 1917 in Vilna, Poland. In 1939 he drafted into the Polish army, to serve in the war. It was horrible for Shep because he disliked the Poles and now he had serve with them. The war was Germany against Poland and Poland lost after just 16 days. Because of where he lived the Germans spared his life and sent to a POW labor camp. He was in many different labor camps over the course of 5 years and 7 months. The Germans were unable to force him to work as a slave because of International laws, which stated the Germans were not allowed to force soldiers to be slaves. After a while the Germans decided to break that law and he was forced to work. On April 22, 1945 some Russian soldiers found him and others lying in a field and the Russians took their watches. This indicated that they were liberated. After he was liberated, the Russians sent Shep to the Americans, the Americans sent him to the British, and the British took him to a camp in England. From there one of the Jewish soldiers betrayed him and he got sent to London. He got a temporary release from the army and worked as a salesman in London. After 3 years of doing that Shep was finally able to go to America, where his uncle took him in. After a year there he got married and had a son that grew up to become a lawyer. Shep Zitler was able to live a great life after the Holocaust but that event is one thing he’ll never forget.

PropagandaThe Nazis used this type of propaganda against the Jews for a lot of reasons. One of the huge reasons was that they wanted to make the Germans hate Jews. If they could make the Germans hate the Jews and make them think Jews were out to destroy them then their jobs would be a lot easier. Propaganda was the easiest way to target the Jews. When you make it seem like someone or something is after you then you will most likely be willing to attack them before they can get to you. Another reason the Nazis used propaganda is to make everyone think the Jews deserve bad treatment. it was almost a way to make it seem like what they were doing to the Jews was justified, so that way no one will go against the Nazi regime.

IraqThere is a lot of terrible things happening in Iraq. People are being tortured, beaten, raped, kidnapped, and killed because of their religion or beliefs. There are people who try to kill as many people as possible. The IS terrorist group is going around murdering anyone against them. There has been millions of people killed, kidnapped, or displaced. At least 20,000 kids kids were murdered on the streets. People have lists filled dozen of people that they know are missing. Even your ethnicity and race can get you killed in Iraq. This is like the Holocaust in many ways. One of them is that innocent people are being killed because of their religion and/or race. Just like the Jews these people are being displaced and murdered because of someone’s sick idea that they are evil because they are different. The Jews were tortured, starved, and killed because they are Jewish and that’s what is happening to the people in Iraq also. The Holocaust was a genocide targeting Jews but this is an attempted genocide targeting the people of Iraq.

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