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Solomon Radasky was one of the survivors in the holocaust. He was born in Warsaw Poland in May 17, 1910. He was one survivor out of 78 people in his whole family. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. When the Nazis came for his family he was directly sent to work. He was forced to clear snow from railroads. Within the first week his mom and older sister died when he got back to the ghettos. The reason for this is because the Germans wanted any personal items and she responded that she had none. Then her and sloman's older sister. His father was also shot because he was caught stealing bread from a boy. ‘After that the deportation started in July 22, 1942. Solomon”s other 2 brothers and sisters were deported to Treblinka. After that he never saw anybody from his family ever again. One day he got lucky because a German asked him to come with him but another jew said that he was a good worker. So he stayed and someone else took his place. On May he was shot in the leg but not that badly injured then he was taken to another camp. He had to wear striped shirts and wooden shoes. He was put in a bed and luckily there was a doctor that was from paris. He pulled out a small pocket knife and operated him. There were no bandages so he had to use his own urine to heal the wound. After that he had to go to work he was badly injured but still had to work. The next day he fell and couldn’t get up a german told to get up but he couldn’t. He started screaming. The he had been told to take off his clothes and stand naked for the night. Next morning a red truck came and they were forced to get in. They thought they were going to gas chambers but they ended up a another camp Auschwitz. he was still injured and hurt. After he was sent there he would hear a lot of planes bombing. He had more faith that they were going to survive. The next morning they saw a jeep and saw german getting worried and then they left running and suddenly a american soldiers saying that they were safe. That was May


Every morning after waking up and each evening after labor was one of horrific of the prisoner. They were forced to stand still completely often for hours at a time. Exposed to the elements in the cold, rain or snow and the terror of sudden violence by guards. This camp mostly used gas chambers or just starve them to death. Sometimes guards aimed at individuals prisoners , the majority of which were familiar yet some came unexpected.The religious activities continued despite the conditions. Meals were watery vegetable soup and half a piece of bread which was insufficient because of the people at hard labor. Jews were only permitted to take a few personal items. rooms were extremely crowded. Starvation was increased which made them worsen. The most important part of this camp is working mostly everybody worked i this camp but many were in bad shape because the very poor food they served at that camp. The reason they would put them stand for hours is because they wanted not the weak ones to work but the strong ones. This was used every time they would bring new people. The ones that were to weak would be directly sent to gas chambers.



When Khmer took control of cambodia in 1975 government started to re-educate targeting political dissidents. These citizens included doctors,teachers and students suspected of receiving torture at the Notorious Tuol Sleng prison. Between 1.7 and 2 million cambodians died during the 4 year region of the Khmer rouge with little to know outcry from international community. I can relate this to the Holocaust because in both events re- educated targeting certain people but in the holocaust case it was jews and other slavic places. Another reason I can compare this to the holocaust is that the both places had a place to kill certain people and they had all control. These both event are very similar in many ways. because they were both known for targeting a certain type of race and religion and have place to kill them witch in Cambodia it is political dissidents. To sum it up these both places were just meant to remove another type of race and religion.

Soloman Radasky


I think picture one shows two German soldiers trying to kill an ugly jew. The Germans are supposed to look like the good guys. I think it means to trust the Germans to protect us and that the jews are like dead Also that we shouldn’t respect jews like if they are humans. For these two pictures in number two I think not to trust jews no matter where they are at they are dirty, dangerous jews. The Nazis try to make us look at jew how they see them to be untrusted. on This propaganda They make the jew loom ugly because they want the jew to look like the bad guy. This propaganda wants us to think of all jews like that. Picture three they want us to see jews like animals and that they are like dangerous and untested fox. The do this to target children to make them think of all jews like this that they are all dangerous and to think of them as just an animal. This propaganda was effective because of no Germans standing up for jews that they should not be treated like animals. For picture four it shows us to look at the jews like jews are the worst thing to see that the are like a very dangerous stranger. They try to target children to not listen to any jew and to think of them as nothing but an old dangerous jew. They try to make us think to avoid them.


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