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Social Studies
Jewish History

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Locations of camps

Men in camps

The final solution was a plan Germany had to try and wipe out the Jewish people in certain parts of Europe. Starting in 1938 to mid-1941 they just tried to make them leave their countries/ territories. When they couldn’t accomplish that they sent them to little ghettos. The Final Solution had begun. They built dozens of extermination camps with large gas chambers so they could exterminate large amounts of humans quickly. Hundreds of thousands of these people never made it to these camps; they may’ve been killed when they were trying to escape, when they were being captured, or on the horrible rides to the camps.

• Between five and six million Jews• More than three million Soviet prisoners of war• More than two million Soviet civilians• More than one million Polish civilians• More than one million Yugoslav civilians• About 70,000 men, women and children with mental and physical handicaps• More than 200,000 gipsies• Unknown numbers of political prisoners, resistance fighters, homosexuals and deportees


Shoes that belonged to Jews


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