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Holocaust By:Jasmine Castillo

Why they used the propagandaThe nazis used this type of propaganda to target the jews because they did not like the jews they believed that jews would take over germany so they told everybody that and everyone believed it.t They tortured them starved them also sent them to concentration camps and ghettos. They also burned them alive and took them into gas chambers they did so much sad stuff. Lots of jews were killed because of the Nazis propaganda. They told everyone that jews were bad and we're going to take over Germany when really Hitler and the Nazis were going to.

Holocaust SurvivorJoseph Sher was a survivor from the Holocaust. He was born on July 27, 1917 in Krzepice, Poland. During the wartime he was in a labor camp. When Joseph was 22 he got married to his wife which was 18 at the time. He went thru everything with her small and big ghettos, concentration camps, and the day he lost her. He had said “she was good nature as well as himself and they fit in”. He also said she was a good mother and a good wife. They are now 54 years married and he misses her. After the war he lived in a little town and in DP, they provided for them. Two boys were walking with a dog and they found dead bodys. They called the police, Joseph Sher and all of them who lived in the town helped to bury them who were dead and they all felt bad.

Dachau concentration campDachau was a concentration camp that Hitler established in Germany March 1933-1945. It was a forced Labor concentration camp. What went down in Dachau was very terrible jews were experimented by german physicians. They were tested new medication, methods of making seawater potable and of halting excessive bleeding. About 100 prisoners died and were permanently crippled as the results of the experiments. Prisoners who were judged of being sick or too weak to work were sent to be killed. Prisoners built roads, worked in gravel pits and drained marshes. Thousands of prisoners died because they were worked to death. An article that i read said, “there was gas chambers but there were no signs that they were used. Forced labor was done in a munitions factory under terrible conditions. The day of liberation they sent 1,000 prisoners mostly jews on death marches. If they were to die it would be because of starvation, exhaustion, cold cold and plus Nazis would shoot anyone who would not continue. Germans were forced to move prisoners from concentration camps near the front to prevent liberation of a large number of prisoners. After days of traveling with prisoners they were exhausted, starving, they provided no food or water they were so near to death.Nazis carried out torture by going after jews mostly the torture targeted them. They burned synagogues, broke into homes, made them work, if they were to do wrong they would get hit by lashes and token to gas chamber, killed, put them into incinerators, they built ghettos, as well as concentration camps, and lastly they starved them.

Kurdish Attempt GenocideHundreds and Thousands in Kurdish were executed. They were tied together and shot so they fall into mass graves. There villages and towns were attacked by chemical weapons they were sent to camps men and boys of battle age were targeted and executed.The genocide began decades before Anfal and its claims countless victims. 1 millions “disappeared” since the 1960’s. They were either murdered or killed. Men and boys ages to 15 to 50 were captured, transported to mass graves and shot in mass executions. About 20 small towns were destroyed. Kurdish population was attacked by chemical weapons. This relates to the Holocaust because it's genocide.


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