Holocaust Train Cars

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World War II

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Holocaust Train Cars

Information-The train cars ran through Deutsche Reichsbahn - The Nazis used Railway Cars and Frate Cars- The Cars ran right to the concentration camps- The train cars were packed with 150 people, however the Nazis only reported 50 at once- The trains could only go 30mph because of all of the poeple on board

Conditions- The jews were not given food or water, and did not have a bathroom besides a bucket. The trips often lasted many days and during the colder months people would often freeze to death and during the warmer months they died of dehydration. Guards were ordered to shoot anyone who tried to escape.

Sad Facts- There were 44 tracks that lead to Aushwitz- There were 1,600 trains were organized to transport jews during the holocaust- Most of the jews were forced to pay for their own deportation- It is estimated that 4,000,000 people were transported to Aushwitz

By Nick, Brad and Liam

Holocaust Train Cars


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