Holocaust Timeline

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Holocaust Timeline

Time Line


March 20, SS opens the Dachau concentration camp outside of Munich.

Kristallnacht was a night when the Hitler Youth and Natzi party members destroyed Jewish homes and buisnesses. The night got its name because of the broken glass on the ground from the broken windows of the the Jewish propeties. This night was blamed on the assasination of Ernust Vom Rath by a Jewish man.

In the Warsaw Ghetto there were approximently 400,000 Jews. From the begenning of July to the end of September German police and the SS deported 300,000 Jews to the Treblinka killing center.

When the Soviets arrived at Auschwits most of the camp was empty. Because the SS new the Soviets were coming they executed as many Jews as they could and evacuated the camp with all but 7,000 of the Jews. The evacuated were forced to march from Auschwitz to Wodzislaw. Most died from starvation or hypothermia. Any people who fell behind the last line of poeple were shot and killed because they could not be slowed for the Soviets to catch up. 4 million Jews alone were killed at Auschwitz duirng Hitler's rein, only the 7,000 people at Auschwitz were liberated.

During the deportation of Warsaw, 10,000 Jews were left in the Ghetto and 20,000 stayed in hiding. During this time the Jews made defense groups to fight back agaisnt the deportation. There were two groups, the ZOB (Zydowska Organizacja Bojowaand)and the ZZW (Zydowski Zwiazek Wojskowy). These groups later joined together and connected with the Polish military to get weapons, most of which were pistols and explosives. The ZOB tried to fight back against further deportation but the SS and German police killed them all as they reduced Warsaw to ruble. The ZZW was destroyed in a final attempt as the remaing Jews were sent to labor camps.

The Jews were forced to march from Warsaw to Umschlagplatz. Troughout the journey they were guarded heavily, if they stepped out of line they were killed on the spot. Approximatly 1,700 poeple were killed during the journey.

The Dachau concentration camp wast the firstconcentration camp established by the Natzi party. The first year Dachau held 4,800 people mostly made up of German communists and socialist Democrats. Dachau was later filled with Jehovah's Witnesses,gypsies, and homosexulas. At first very few Jews were put in Dachau.


November 9, Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)Night of Crystal


July 22, Germans begin to deport over 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to the Treblinka killing center.



April 19, Warsaw ghetto uprising begins.

January 27, 1945: Soviet troops liberate the Auschwitz camp

Holocaust Timeline

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