Holocaust Timeline

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Holocaust Timeline





September 1: Beginning of WWII, Germany invades polandOctober 12: Germany starts to deport Austrian and Czech Jews to poland.November 23: Jews in German occupied Poland forced to wear an arm band or yellow star

Arbiet Macht frei "work will set you free" was on every gate at the concentration camps

Holocaust Timeline

March 22 - The first official Natzi concentration camp opens in DachauApril: 1 - Boycott of Jewish shops May 10 - Burning of books written by jews

October 28: 17,000 Polish Jews Expelled from Germany.November 9-10: Night of Broken Glass.November 12: Jews were forced to hand their buinesses over to Aryians.

A picture of one of the shops on The Night of Broken Glass

April 30: Hitler commits suicideAugust 6: Bombing of HiroshimaAugust 9: Bombing of Nagasaki

A jewish woman talking to a Nazi officer

Hitler the "Führer "

Nazi Swastika

Patch Jews were forced to wear

Twin Holocaust Survivors describe arriving at Auschwitz


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