Holocaust Timeline

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Holocaust Timeline


By:Kellyn DuBios and Lindsey Bogh

Time Line


The Final "Solution" and Dachau was established

The 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany because Hitler wanted to show off his master race. To cover up their racism, all anti-jew signs were taken down until the end of the olympic games. As Jewish rights diminish, new concetration camps open such as Buchenwald in 1937.

On the night of November 9th-10th 1938 (the night of broken glass), thousands of nazis went out and vandalized jewish homes, businesses, schools, and offices.

In 1941, Jewish were condemmed into forced labor and Gypsies started to be placed in concentration camps and ghetoos in German-Poland. In 1942, a meeting took place in Wannsee to discuss the final solution to the Jewish question. By 1943, nearly all Gypsies had been taken to concentration camps and imprisoned there. In 1944, large groups of Hungarian Jewish were transported to Aushwitz and were killed with poison gas. Other large groups of Jews were sent to killing sites to be gassed. In 1945, Nazis start to empty Aushwitz of its prisoners and begin death marches. The rest of the camp was liberated by the soviet army. And the U.S. army liberated camps Dacahu and Butchenwald. Before Dachau was liberated, it had housed 188,000. These camps combined were responsible for nearly 11 million deaths. Hitler and his fiance commit suicide and the war comes to an end in the spring of 1945.

Germany invades Poland which causes World War 2 to break out in Europe. In 1939 Gyspsies began to be seen as subhumans and were arrested in large groups and sent to concentration camps. Jewish in Germany were now forced to wear a yellow star of david on their chest or as an arm band. Also, the first polish gehtto was established and over 160,000 Polish Jews were inprisoned at Lodz Ghetto. Hitler give doctors the power to kill mentally and physica;y dissabled people. Aushwitz was established in 1940.


Summer Olympics inBerlin begin


Germany invades Poland and WWII begins



Aushwitz is established

War Ends

In between the years of 1933 and 1936 Dachau was established as the first nazi work camp. It started out as a prison for political opponents, but later turned into a work camp for those considered inferior to the Nazis. People began to boycott Jewish run stores and the rights of the Jewish people began to decrease.


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