Holocaust Questions

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Holocaust Questions

1. Anne Frank is a German immigrant to the Neather Lands in 1942 who hid from the nazis in a small annex for three years along with seven other people. 2. They went behind a bookcase that revealed the secret hallway in the annex. 3. The eight people were...Margote, Edith, Otto, Anne, Fritz, Peter, Herman, and Auguste. 4. What I found interesting is how they kept themselves occupied for over three years without ever leaving the small annex. ___________________1. The Holocaust was a war that was faught by the Nazis to take people of religons other than Christian, and Catholic and most likely Kill them in a death camp; Because Adolf Hitler beleaved they were the reason of his countrys troubles.2. It ran from January 30th, 1933 - May 8th, 1945. 3. The people targeted were Jewish, Johovas Whitness, Africans, Gypsies, Slav, and mentally handicapped. 4. Concentration camps were places where the Nazis kept hostages and forced them to work in poor conditions or die by being cooked in a giant gas oven.

The Holocaust Questions



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