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Holocaust Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the Jews who were oppressed and to the heroes of the Holocaust. A daunting figure of around 5.5 million innocent Jews were murdered in accordance to the Nazi "Final Solution", a genocide of all people of Jewish descent or heritage. By simply having the tenacity for life and survival, many Jews defied the Nazi Regime and lived on through the madness. Several underground organizations harbored heroes and heroines who would sabotage Nazi deportations, create anti-Nazi newspapers, and relocate Jews to safer places. Other Jews and prisoners of the Reich who aided Jews situated in death camps and ghettos rebelled by fighting tooth and nail, until every last shred of life was leeched out their bodies. These rebels fought on for a more just, equal, and dignified world without terrors like the Nazi idealism and the horrors of the Final Solution. We must honor these martyrs, Jews, and prisoners who were brave enough to defy the Third Reich, and let them prosper through memories and memorials like this one.

The Silent Triumphs of Resistance and Persistance:

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Symbols and Artwork


Holocaust Memorials such as this one do not only commemorate and reflect on the events, heroes, witnesses, survivors, and conditions of this horrid Holocaust, but help the struggle to keep the memories of the Holocaust alive. Assuring that the Holocaust is remembered in all aspects of its infamous glory and splendor is what will not only aid in the prevention of a mass-genocide event, but will teach people from all walks of life that hate is the easiest trap one can fall into, a dark void that destroys the hater and consumes the hated. Hate is a vicious cycle of retaliation that led to the Holocaust, gripping mass amounts of people with its awesome power. Hopefully, by bestowing the knowledge of the horrors of the Holocaust and what led to them, people will learn that memories can stop history from repeating itself, and instead create a blossoming new chapter in the book of life itself.

Why The World Needs Memorials

The word "Holocaust" is derived from the Greek word "holokauston" which roughly translates to "holo"-whole"kauston"-burntin reference to a common animal sacrifice technique utilizing fire used by the ancient Greeks.

Holocaust History

A Holocaust Memorial

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