Holocaust Ghettos

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Holocaust Ghettos

How They Started In May of 1940 Western Europe fell quickly to the Nazis. They conquered it rapidly. Soon the Nazis kicked Jewish citizens from government and other professions, such as teaching, journalism, and law. Later they eventually made the Jewish wear the Star of David on them. Soon after that they forced them into the ghettos. They would also capture cities and turn them into ghettos, like Warsaw.

Holocaust Ghettos

How The Ghettos Were RanThe Nazis ran the ghettos with an iron fist. They ran the ghettos with anti-semitism laws. Anti-Semitism is a predjudence against Jewish people.They also used their power to their advantage. For example, for amusement they would make the elderly men scrub the streets.

(Scroll Down)Over CrowdingMost of the ghettos were very crowded. Some even held up to half a million people. Life in them was miserable. The Jewish citizens shared one apartment with several families. The trash and plumbing systems were unorganized so trash and human waste would be thrown into the streets. Also because of the overcrowding dieases spread rapidly. Many people would fall ill and die. Also because of the small rations of food many people would die of starvation. By the time they were taken to the concentration camps more than half of the Jewish were dead. They also died rapidly because they were not allowed coats in the winter. Some people would freeze to death. Life was so horrible some people would even commit suicide. When they were taken to the camps they were rounded up with a lot less crowding because more than half of them were dead. Plus, more were shot or beaten to death while boarding the cattle cars. Even though half were dead they were still overcrowded on the cattle cars.

(Scroll Down)Schooling and ChildrenWhile in the ghettos people were not allowed to learn or attend school. Some of the adults would lead a secret school. They would smuggle their books under their clothes and teach the children. Since people were having rough times in the ghettos some parents would abandon their children. The orphaned children had to beg on the street for food. The children would be lucky to get any rations, though, since everyone was trying to fend for themselves.


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